Waste Not, Want Not!

Food waste represents up to 35% of the total amount of household waste in the UK.  Dumping of food waste in landfill sites will be banned and fines imposed for anyone not following the new rules.

We have the perfect, clean, environmentally-friendly alternative – the waste disposal unit!
It has been uniquely designed to free your kitchen of all organic food waste left over after the preparation and clean-up of meals. Simply turn on the water, switch the unit on, put your food waste in, and it will shred the garbage into very fine particles which are easily flushed through the sewer system without any problem. As the waste is finely ground, it can be recycled into agricultural fertiliser – and used to nourish Britain’s soil.

We have various options for you to choose from – all have direct current motors with high torque for effortless use.  Easy to install and boasting high quality construction, including stainless steel grinding mechanisms, each model is designed to last.