Showroom re-opening – Method Statement

Details of Showroom activities:

We are following the Governments guidance in the document “Working Safely during Coronavirus (Covid- 19) published 11 May 2020, updated 11 May 2020. A copy is available in the showroom.

  1. Showroom visits will be by appointment only – we will open exclusively for you and will only allow up to 1 x family unit in the showroom at any one time – if it is safe to do so.
  2. If following the making of the appointment you or your co-habitants experience Covid-19 Symptoms we ask you to inform us and postpone the appointment.
  3. Clients will be given a morning or afternoon appointments. This will allow us to ensure we have adequate time to clean the area prior to our next customer arriving.
  4. On arrival please ring the doorbell before entering showroom so that we can ensure that you will be the only customers in the showroom and the designated cleaning has been done prior to your entry.
  5. On entering the showroom, we will ask you to wash / sanitise your hands and you will be asked if you wish your Kitchen Designer to wear a mask. Masks will also be available for your use if desired. We have clearly marked hand washing facilities and encourage you to use them.
  6. A minimum of 2 metres social distance will always be maintained from other people and members of staff. We ask that you maintain control of any children with this matter and advise that we will politely remind anyone that is not following this practice. The Kitchen Designer will always accompany you to ensure that we can adequately sanitise after your visit.
  7. Showroom will be cleaned daily in line with the Governments published “Working Safely during Corona Virus (Covid-19) published 11-5-20, updated 11-5-20. After your visit all these areas will be sanitised before the next customer enters.
  8. If/when a customer wishes to handle samples then they will be asked to clean their hands again.

All staff will be trained to follow the above procedures before opening to the public.